World Class Finish

Technical Specifics

VOC496 g/L
% Volatilen/a
Flash Point103F
Dry Time12 hrs
Cure Time7 days
Coverage500 sf/gal
Open Time15 min
Sward HardnessPencil 2H


World Class Finish

PoloPlaz World Class Finish is formulated to protect all types of hardwood sports floors, including gym, aerobic, dance and stage floors. Today’s gyms and multi-use sports floors pose a new challenge to the finish: It must protect from run-and-gun basketball, street shoes, aerobic dancing, perspiration, folding chairs and spills – from water to alcoholic beverages.

PoloPlaz World Class Finish meets these challenges by providing deep-penetrating oil preservatives along with a durable and high-quality protective wear coating. World Class Finish is MFMA approved and highly recommended for use on any multi-purpose sports floor. It is ideal for use on new installation or screen and recoat jobs.

Use For:

  • High profile courts, discriminating architects
  • New installs, resands, screen & recoats
  • Basketball courts, dance floors, aerobic rooms


  • Low ambering
  • Low viscosity for use with E-Z Way
  • Non-offending odor


  • Solids: 45% (Polyurethane/Oil Resin)
  • V.O.C. Content: <500 g/L
  • Flash Point: >101°F
  • Solvent: Mineral Spirits (petroleum distillates)
  • Shelf Life: 1 Year


  • 500 sq. ft. per gallon


  • Never skip more than 1 grit size when sanding
  • Use heat and ventilation to control cure

Available in 5 Gallon Containers