Low VOC Sealer

Technical Specifics

VOC350 gr/L
% Volatilen/a
Flash Point>104F
Dry Time8 hours
Cure Timen/a
Coverage500 sf/gal
Open Time15 min
Sward Hardnessn/a


Low VOC Sealer

Deep-penetrating sealer that dries overnight.

When VOC compliant products are a must, and waterbase is not an option, PoloPlaz Low VOC Sealer is the perfect choice. It is the only deep-penetrating sealer in a VOC-compliant formula that dries reliably overnight. This low-viscosity formula allows the sealer to penetrate the wood while reducing the risk of polyballs. Use with PoloPlaz Game Line Paint and Magnum Low VOC for maximum adhesion.

Available in 1 Gallon, and 5 Gallon Containers