Product Profile: PoloPlaz Zenith

Product Profile: PoloPlaz Zenith

Heavy foot traffic wears and tears on a hardwood floor finish.  You need a finish that can make your museum’s floors display-worthy, serve up durability at your restaurant and work hard on the hardwoods at your office.

PoloPlaz Zenith does it all!

PoloPlaz Zenith is a professional 2K waterborne finish specifically designed to handle high volumes of foot traffic in venues such as restaurants, museums, offices and multipurpose facilities.

Many qualities make PoloPlaz Zenith the best value out there! It provides outstanding wear-resistance to abrasion, scuffs and many common liquids and chemicals.

Additionally, PoloPlaz Zenith features excellent hardness, as well as easy flow and leveling – making it very easy to apply. It is virtually odorless and V.O.C. compliant everywhere.  Its long pot-life provides ample working time and makes cut-ins a breeze.  Save what you don’t use and recatalyze it on the next job.

Take your hardwood floors to the next level with PoloPlaz Zenith!

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