Prism Hybrid

Prism Hybrid combines the technology of oil and water into a one component premium waterborne finish.

The result is a hybrid urethane that is as tough as a waterborne, but has the rich look of oil. Prism Hybrid can be applied over existing oil or waterborne finishes.

Application on new floors does not require a seal coat. This is one of the remarkable features of Prism Hybrid.

Prism Hybrid is highly resistant to abrasion, staining, scuffing, chipping and other household spills. It is an excellent choice for discriminating customers and easy enough to apply two coats in one day.

Use When:

  • Maximum hardness & durability are required
  • Immediate use of the floor is required
  • A low odor product is required

Use For:

  • Ideal for use on exotic woods
  • Malls, restaurants, offices, museums & theaters
  • High-traffic areas
  • Great for natural or stained floors
  • New installation, resand, or screen & recoat

Available in hi-gloss, semi-gloss matte & satin.

Technical Specifics

VOC<275 g/L<275 g/L<275 g/L<275 g/L
% Volatile68%68%68%68%
Flash Pointn/a
Dry Time3-5 hours3-5 hours3-5 hours3-5 hours
Cure Time3 days3 days3 days3 days
Coverage500 sf/gal500 sf/gal500 sf/gal500 sf/gal
Open Time10 min10 min10 min10 min
Sward HardnessPencil 2HPencil 2HPencil 2HPencil 2H
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