PoloPlaz Product Profile: Super Dry

Some things are simply beyond your control. While you can often control the temperature set in the room, you cannot control the weather outside.  This is especially frustrating when applying finish when the humidity is high.

PoloPlaz Super Dry was created to help you take control of a project despite unpredictable atmospheric factors.

Super Dry is a reactive resin-type drying additive used to aid drying and curing under unfavorable conditions, such as low temperature (50°F) and high humidity (more than 70%). Super Dry – used for only certain oil-modified or oil-based paints, stains and/or finishes – improves hardness and decreases polyballs!

When combating adverse conditions, these PoloPlaz products can be complemented with Super Dry:

  • World Class Finish
  • World Class 450
  • World Class Sealer and Sanding Sealer
  • Supreme Finish and Sealer
  • Fast Break Game Line Paint

Super Dry should NOT be used with waterborne products or moisture cured urethanes.

For a more in-depth analysis on PoloPlaz Super Dry, click here.

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