Moisture Cure Urethane

Technical Specifics

VOC585 gr/L
% Volatilen/a
Flash Point81 F
Dry Time3-6 hours
Cure Time3 days
Coverage500 sf/g
Open Time4 min
Sward HardnessPencil 3H


Moisture Cure Urethane

Use For:

  • Floors requiring extreme durability and high gloss shine
  • New installs, resands, screen & recoats
  • Basketball courts, dance floors, aerobic rooms


  • T-bar, Lambswool, or brush
  • Easy flow and fast drying in high humidity
  • Low ambering for bright white game lines


  • Solids: 40%
  • Flash Point: 81 F (Flammable)
  • Solvent: Xylenes, Ethylbenzene
  • Shelf Life: Six months unopened
  • Available In: 5-gallon cans


  • 500 sq. ft. per gallon


  • Apply in moderate weather. Extremely high or low humidity will affect drying.
  • Ensure floor, air, and polyurethane are all the same temperature when applying.
  • Paint gamelines with epoxy or two-part urethane paint.
  • Wear respirator during application. Ventilate strong odor vapors.
  • Extinguish all pilot lights and eliminate sources of ignition until coating has dried and room has been thoroughly ventilated.

Available in Quart and 1 Gallon Containers


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